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How UX Designers Build Trust Into Products

The trustworthiness of a product is a huge concern for designers and product managers. The sharing economy, e-commerce, and most financial products (just to name a few) are hugely dependent on user trust. What is considered trustworthy varies by user group, product, and industry, so it’s important that you understand your users, and what they’ll trust, before you start designing.

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The Digital Experience Your Customers Really Want

What kind of experience do your customers want from your product? Well, that depends heavily on what the product is and its use case. Generally, users are only using your product because they’re trying to achieve something – not for the pleasure of using it. This can be hard to remember for designers, who are dedicated to providing a delightful experience, and for the business which has its own goals.

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Three Really Big Reasons Why You Should Be Prototyping

The concept of a Minimum Viable Product has permeated the world of tech since the popularization of the lean startup mentality. The problem with an MVP is that people sometimes build it based on market research or a hunch before they start their testing. Prototyping on the other hand is a far faster, cheaper, and less risky way of getting to the MVP.

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Six Tips for Preventing and Reducing Churn

Ahhh.. churn. The leaky bucket of death for SaaS everywhere. We’ve all read articles on how to make your product ‘sticky’ for users – so we can stop the dreaded customer churn. The idea is to give them such a great product (and such a great experience) that they keep coming back for more. That’s the dream!

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Signs It’s Way Past Time To Invest In Your UX

Investing in user experience can sometimes be a fickle matter, but really, it shouldn’t be. UX is all about making your digital product easy and intuitive for your users to complete their tasks. That’s it, that’s all.

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The ROI in “User Experience”

What’s the ROI un UX? Well, an investment in user experience is an investment in designing a digital product that is easier and better for your customers to use. These “digital products” could be bringing people through the complex task interface of encouraging online donations to your charity, or an app that is developed to make it easier for people to pay for parking, or the portal your staff use to log in and quote on auto insurance. All investments need to generate a return. Some studies declare that “every dollar invested in UX will bring $2 to $100 in return” and this is a sensational, highly tweetable stat that has been all over the internet.

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