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You Don’t Have To Be An Artist To Sketch

To some, sketching sounds like it should be left to the artsy and designer types. In the digital design world, sketching is how ideas go from a simple thought to a visual concept. Sketching is the act of mapping out what the end result could potentially look like. It is a means of ideation, brainstorming, and ‘getting ideas down on paper’. These sketches/ideas can vary in complexity from low fidelity (super simple) to high fidelity (elaborate) depending on the timeline and skill levels of the team members involved. Having these ideas documented through sketches is one of the number one goals in the ideation process. These sessions go by many names: Design studios, collaborative kickoffs, Ideation sessions or, here at UX Guys, Rapid Design Labs.

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When Is A UX Designer Also A Designer? AKA: When Not To Hire A Graphic Designer

  Woah! Alright, calm down. This isn’t a hate post, but rather a conversation starter around a very real topic in today’s digital space. There is already a pretty blurred line in the realm of UX professionals: ‘UX Designer’, ‘UX Architect’, ‘UX Developer’, ‘UX Researcher’ and so on. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume UX Architect & UX Designer are synonomous, ie. A User Experience Designer with a solid understanding of basic design principles.

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Webinars… Losing Your Life One Hour At A Time

There’s a certain mix of intrigue and hesitation in the minutes between my calendar notification reminding me that I signed up for a webinar with a catchy title and it actually starting. Is this going to be a total waste of my time like the last 5 webinars I attempted to push through? I wonder what kind of technical issues I will learn about the screen sharing software we’re using today? Wait, what is this about again? Who sent me the link to this?   I don’t approach webinars with a positive attitude because I have walked away from too many feeling like an hour of my life had been stolen. Let’s talk about why webinars usually suck:

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My 3 Biggest Takeaways from the IoT Oil & Gas Conference

    I want to preface this by saying that I am a born and raised Calgarian. I love this city and it pains me to see the city and my neighbours suffering. Calgary, Alberta has long been a global hub for the energy industry. Certainly, the energy industry is slow to adopt new technologies, particularly when times are good and everyone is happy with their dividend cheques. Unfortunately, the past year or so has been more than a little gloomy in regards to the price of oil so I was particularly surprised to receive an invitation to the Big Data and IoT in Oil and Gas Conference. Here are some of my biggest take away:

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When “Business Requirements” go bad… Learn how to win anyway.

Traditional information technology requirements focus on the wrong things – on process instead of needs and analysis instead of research. Everyone who ever read a 100+ page requirements document and truly felt they understood what a project needed to be and how it should work, please raise your hand. Anyone? Ok, I see a couple hands – did the ultimate realization of the project mirror your understanding? and more importantly, was it successful? Our experience says that it rarely, if ever happens this way.

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