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Deciphering Designers

When you meet a designer, chances are they won’t specify right away which type of designer they are. There are plenty of design specialties, but usually people immediately think designer = graphic designer. When we’re discussing product design that narrows the field slightly but opens the door for further specialization amongst designers.

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Look Before You Leap: Product Market Fit Validated Faster and Cheaper

Product market fit is typically found though the use of an MVP (minimum Viable Product). In my opinion the traditional MVP model takes too long and it too costly for what you’re getting. Rapid prototyping is a method of conceptualizing, designing, testing, and iterating quickly and cheaply… And it has similar outcomes as building a full-blown MVP. It usually involves the use of a rapid prototyping tool to mock up interfaces, navigation, and build conditional logic into user task flows.

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What Makes For A Good Designer? A Perspective on UX Design

Good design is one of those things where you know it when you see it. One of the most frustrating things about design is that a lot of people think they can do it themselves. This is particularly true with UX Designers since the end user experience is so intuitive. Just because it seems like ‘common sense’ doesn’t mean that someone didn’t meticulously think through the details of each user flow.

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Designers: Show Your Work… In Progress

Just like in high school math class it’s about more than just the right answer: it’s about how you got there.

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