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[Infographic] Look Before You Leap: Validating Product Market Fit Faster and Cheaper

Product Market Fit is typically found through the use of an MVP. The traditional MVP model takes too long and is too costly for what you’re getting. Rapid prototyping is a method of conceptualizing, designing, testing, and iterating quickly and cheaply… And it has similar outcomes to building a full-blown MVP.

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Infographic: Executives Should Care About UX

Sources Customer Satisfaction: 89% of companies plan to compete on the basis of customer experience. Market Share: Design driven companies outperform the S&P by 228% over 10 years. Operating Expenses: According to the System Sciences Institute at IBM, the cost of fixing errors once the product has launched and is in the ‘maintenance’ phase is up to 100x as costly as if you were to fix them during the design phase. Time To Market: A good design process that includes rapid prototyping and collaborative contributions can dramatically decrease the time to market. Competition: Competition is fierce, and 9/10 users report that they have stopped using an app due to poor performance. Revenue: 27% of US online shoppers have abandoned carts because the checkout process was too long or complicated.

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Infographic: Why Startups Should Care About UX

This infographic was born from the blog post Hey App Startup! You NEED UX In Your Life. If you’re an app startup and/or aspiring unicorn there are literally thousands of articles to help you. User experience is mentioned in some of them, but it’s rarely given the level of importance it deserves.

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12 Types of User Research

These methodologies are used to gain a comprehensive understanding of the people who use a digital product so that the product can be designed with their specific needs in mind.

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The UX Iceberg

Have you ever wondered what goes into an exceptional user experience?

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Looking For Some Fun Stats About Apps?

    20% of apps downloaded are used once then never again 3.1M apps in the two leading app stores (google play and app store) 35B USD spent on apps globally in 2015 4% of smartphone minutes in 2014 was spent on a native app (other than facebook) 14% of smartphone minutes in 2014 was spent in web browsers US adults spent 2.8 hours per day spent engaging with desktop in 2015 US adults spent 2.4 hours per day spent engaging with desktop  

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