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Never Let A Designer Do Their Own Usability Testing

At a recent meeting for the design of an app a client asked if we offer usability testing as a distinct service from our design process. I answered yes, but asked why she wanted to use separate vendors.

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When “Business Requirements” go bad… Learn how to win anyway.

Traditional information technology requirements focus on the wrong things – on process instead of needs and analysis instead of research. Everyone who ever read a 100+ page requirements document and truly felt they understood what a project needed to be and how it should work, please raise your hand. Anyone? Ok, I see a couple hands – did the ultimate realization of the project mirror your understanding? and more importantly, was it successful? Our experience says that it rarely, if ever happens this way.

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When is Usability Testing not worth doing?

We recently met with a potential client who asked for some usability testing. They were using a somewhat proprietary Knowledge Management tool that they purchased from a well-established software vendor – not one of the big names, but with many big clients.

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Case Study:

There are few institutions in Alberta as steadfast and longstanding as ATB Financial. At the heart of the 76-year-old bank is a strong spirit of innovation and technical leadership, so it comes as no surprise that ATB Financial is changing the way small businesses are funded.

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