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Designing Great Experiences: Two Is Better Than One

We love getting great deals on things and I am no different! Two for one deals and BOGO have become entrenched in our consumer consciousness and we’re always seeking the best deal in virtually every avenue of our lives. We are programmed to believe that getting more for less is always going to be better, and in almost every situation we find ourselves in this mindset makes sense. But there is an exception to this thinking and that is the idea that getting a person who can user experience research AND user experience design is the best solution for solving your UX problems. In this case, the two-fer’ deal may not the best path forward.

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The Best Design Bang For Your Buck – the RDL!

Rapid Design Lab. It’s our name for the collaborative design process and speaks to the key elements that constitute the process: speed, creativity, and a dedicated space and time for work. We’ve been running these types of sessions for years and have dialed our process in to get the most of the time we have by working closely with our clients. Here’s how it works:

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