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Online Shopping For the First Time

This article is part of the Mom’s Migraines series exploring some of the countless websites out there that offer poor user experiences and result in many a literal and metaphorical headache. This is one of Betty’s migraines.  Who is Betty?    

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Webinars… Losing Your Life One Hour At A Time

There’s a certain mix of intrigue and hesitation in the minutes between my calendar notification reminding me that I signed up for a webinar with a catchy title and it actually starting. Is this going to be a total waste of my time like the last 5 webinars I attempted to push through? I wonder what kind of technical issues I will learn about the screen sharing software we’re using today? Wait, what is this about again? Who sent me the link to this?   I don’t approach webinars with a positive attitude because I have walked away from too many feeling like an hour of my life had been stolen. Let’s talk about why webinars usually suck:

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