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When Is A UX Designer Also A Designer? AKA: When Not To Hire A Graphic Designer

  Woah! Alright, calm down. This isn’t a hate post, but rather a conversation starter around a very real topic in today’s digital space. There is already a pretty blurred line in the realm of UX professionals: ‘UX Designer’, ‘UX Architect’, ‘UX Developer’, ‘UX Researcher’ and so on. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume UX Architect & UX Designer are synonomous, ie. A User Experience Designer with a solid understanding of basic design principles.

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Why I Love My Pebble Steel And (Probably) Won’t Buy An Apple Watch

SO here’s the thing, I feel like I should pretence this with the fact that I love Apple, I love Apple products and I always want the newest ones. That being said. I’m (probably) not going to buy an apple watch. – I say probably to cover my own ass in case I give into curiosity, or the final release of the watch seems to appeal to me more than it does now. But, I digress – . Why won’t I buy one? Well, I’ll start with the fact that I already have a pebble steel and I love it. And I think that all the reasons why I love it are the reasons I won’t be getting an Apple Watch.

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Exploring Gesture Based UX

There’s a shift in the way we interact with content and it’s awesome. The iPhone & iPad have changed how we create, how we interact with our websites and applications. Not only have they brought us high-definition displays, they’ve introduced us to a world of gestures. Our UX, designs and interactions will never be the same.

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