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Usability for Conversion: Stop Using Fads, Start Using Data [Guest Post]

By Joel Lopez Guest Contributor When it comes to creating and designing a product, we are looking for the best solution to ensure we meet our goal. Ultimately, our goal will always be to convince the customer to buy our product or use our service; i.e., for converting leads into sales. But what can we do to ensure the highest conversion rate (i.e., of leads to sales) possible? When we look around for ways to understand what works with conversion and what doesn’t, we may encounter several fads or trends that presumptuously claim to know exactly what we need to do; things like changing a button to a particular color, using a particular picture or icon, or employing a certain layout. However, there is no one size fits all “magic bullet” to conversion. EVERY demographic is different, so we need to use our data and our knowledge of our specific targeted audience to create designs that convert. IF there is one single piece of advice that’s most important, it’s to focus on usability.

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What is Mom’s Migraines?

As you probably know from personal experience, there are countless websites out there that offer poor user experiences and result in many a literal and metaphorical headache. We want to shed a light on some of these websites in a unique way: by viewing everything through the eyes of several women, our moms.

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