As you probably know from personal experience, there are countless websites out there that offer poor user experiences and result in many a literal and metaphorical headache. We want to shed a light on some of these websites in a unique way: by viewing everything through the eyes of several women, our moms.

Mom’s Migraines is a blog series exploring the websites or apps that are a source of frustration to our moms. Every month, we’ll look at a website, app, or digital experience that was a source of frustration to them, exploring the reasons why and understanding what could be improved to make their experience more enjoyable.

While we intend our tone to be pretty light hearted, we also hope readers develop a better understanding of the usability issues that users, specifically baby boomers, encounter, and can relate to our moms’ experiences and frustrations.


Meet the Moms


TammyTammy is a 61-year old retired geologist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Previously a bit of a late-comer to new technology (she once used the same flip phone for 10 years), she has embraced it in recent years. She has an iPhone 4, an iPad, and an Apple Mac laptop. She’s really in the Apple ecosystem, if you couldn’t tell.  She loves to use them for keeping up to date on Facebook, researching and shopping online, and managing all of her photos.

Since retiring, Tammy has found a love of painting. Ironically, she has recently started looking at creating her own WordPress site to showcase her paintings. Tammy also loves playing and watching tennis, playing board games with friends and family, and of course loves her husband and kids.




Betty PortraitBetty is between the ages of 29 – 60, I would be more specific but I would like to remain “the favourite child.” Betty has worked in the financial sector her entire life and she’s not interested in leaving any time soon.

For as long as I can remember my mom has always had a computer in her office which may lead you to believe that 30ish years of screen time has turned her into a computing pro, and it has, when using proprietary software developed specifically for what she does. The “Google” however, is still a new concept for Betty and she is slowly starting to see the benefits of the World Wide Web.