SO here’s the thing, I feel like I should pretence this with the fact that I love Apple, I love Apple products and I always want the newest ones.

That being said. I’m (probably) not going to buy an apple watch. – I say probably to cover my own ass in case I give into curiosity, or the final release of the watch seems to appeal to me more than it does now. But, I digress – . Why won’t I buy one? Well, I’ll start with the fact that I already have a pebble steel and I love it. And I think that all the reasons why I love it are the reasons I won’t be getting an Apple Watch.

The pebble steel has many things going for it. Style is one. It’s not glossy and tech-y looking, it’s classy, rugged, and it just feels manly, and if you know me, that’s probably the only reason I need to like it.

Second, it does only what I want it to. It’s simple, yet tactile interface is what gives it appeal. I don’t want an integrated piece of the apple ecosystem on my wrist. It’s too much. I don’t want to be that effortlessly connected. Between my iPhone, iPad and Macbook, I’ve got that. There’s got to be some effort in having access to your technology, if for no other reason then to help keep you grounded in the real world. Taking something as powerful as the Apple Watch and putting it on your wrist essentially eliminates that task of having to take your phone out of your pocket. Arguably the pebble has the same effect, however, what I like about the pebble is that it’s simple and the interactions are minimal. Although there are a vast array of apps available for it, the majority of them are just windows, or mirrors if you prefer, into what’s happening on your phone. It allows you to see notifications and alerts at a glance, then get back to what you were doing. No interaction required. And I like that.

I don’t want to be able to control things from my wrist (save for changing the song playing on my phone). I like that I can tell Siri to remind me when it’s legal shooting light during hunting season, and the pebble then vibrates for that alert. I can be setup on a buck and when I feel that vibration, I can pull the trigger. That’s all, just mirroring and responding to interactions I set up elsewhere. I like the black and white liquid paper display that’s super easy to read in any conditions. I like the essence of simplicity the pebble offers. I want a small mirror that shows me only what I want to know and that’s it. And the pebble does that really, really well.

So, maybe you want to be able to sift through emails, choose playlists, quick search the web, start your car or whatever from your wrist. I don’t. I’m not James Bond, Iron Man or Batman no matter how much I try. I just want to see flashes of information that’s important to me and get back to my life. But that’s me. I’m a simple man.